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Latest News.

27 Sep 2021

Shifting Gears: Car Showrooms

Although COVID-19 has changed our purchase habits, nothing can compare to the experience of in-store shopping - especially for cars. In this week’s blog post we’re looking at how car showrooms are now a gallery space for car enthusiasts and future buyers.
01 Mar 2022

Give Your Cosmetic Clinic the Glow up It Deserves

For years, medical spaces have been locked into generic "copy and paste" designs. But with the rise in cosmetic clinics, we're now witnessing a major design glow up with many clinics focusing on "patient-centric" design. Here's how your clinic can have its own glow up...
24 Feb 2022

IN THE SPOTLIGHT | Graya + Acot Electrical HQ

Graya + Acot Electrical's brand new HQ has been featured this month on Office Snapshots. Designed by Collectivus, the space elevates and reimagines how we design workplaces in order to align with a company's aesthetic and prioritise a collaborative workflow.
23 Feb 2022

Design Your Space for More than Just a Pub Feed

One thing that has remained the same is our love for a pub feed. However, what has also remained the same is the design of our pubs- which needs to change. People are now looking for newer and greater experiences from our hospitality venues. We're looking at different ways to upgrade your space.
16 Feb 2022

Bring Back Your Workers With a Unique Fit-Out

As a result of COVID-19, more workplaces are adopting WFH arrangements. However, with cases beginning to ease we're looking at how your workplace fit-out can encourage your team to come back to the office.
10 Feb 2022

Built by Unita | Kimpton Margot Sydney

Previously known as Primus Hotel, Unita and IHG Group collaborated to refurbish the iconic landmark. Featuring a variety of guest activities like a daily social hour and yoga, Kimpton Margot Sydney has marked itself as the ultimate CBD stay.
02 Feb 2022

Under the Neon Lights: The Importance of Gym Lighting

With people making new year's resolutions to kickstart their health, gyms are expected to see an increase in new members. Despite this, research has shown that approximately 80% of these memberships are cancelled within the first five months. To minimise this, we're looking at how your fit-out's lighting can maximise your customer retention rate.
24 Jan 2022

On the Rise: Barkitecture

Since COVID-19 lockdowns, the RSPCA has noted an increase in pet ownership. In addition, Pinterest also predicted that "Barkitecture" will be a hot topic this year. So, what is this trend and how is it being incorporated into our industry?
17 Jan 2022

2022 Industry Predictions

New year, new project? We're making our predictions for what trends will be in and what will be changed. Check it out!
16 Dec 2021

Preserving Our History While Building for the Future

With the post-COVID boom in construction, recognising and preserving our heritage buildings is more important than ever. To maintain a site's historical significance, we're looking at why a fit-out or refurbishment is the ideal solution.
07 Dec 2021

Q+A: Behind McKinnon Dental with Bridget Porter

The Unita Victoria team recently completed the handover of McKinnon Dental. To get a more personal take on McKinnon Dental and the design process in general, we chatted with Collectivus' member and the project's designer, Bridget Porter.
01 Dec 2021

Reimagining the Waiting Room

The reimagination of waiting rooms has been something often overlooked and in need of a revamp. We're looking at some of Australia's best-designed waiting rooms and why more practices should consider refurbishing their spaces.
24 Nov 2021

The Inescapability of Curvilinear Design

Since COVID-19, we've been seeing a resurgence in curvilinear design, in particular, archways. With this spike in popularity, are elements like archways a fad or timeless design choice?
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