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Construct Your Career – Project Manager

Responsible for the planning, coordination and overall execution of projects, the project manager is a fundamental figure in the construction industry. Unita’s project managers across the country are tasked with ensuring that each project is delivered on time, within budget and to the highest possible standard, while maintaining consistent communication with the team and stakeholders. 

Grab your high-vis and keep reading to get a glimpse into the role of a project manager, with insight from QLD’s very own Rodney Kemp. 

Team/Stakeholder Management

The project manager is the driving force behind a cohesive and motivated team working harmoniously to achieve success. Leadership and communication skills are crucial in a project manager to motivate each team member to carry out tasks, articulate project objectives clearly, and actively recognise and address concerns promptly. It is important for project managers to adopt a client-focused approach to ensure that stakeholders’ needs are met, fostering long-lasting relationships and developing a positive reputation. Through his experience as a project manager, Rodney maintains that communication is key to avoid issues with clients and amongst the team, creating an environment where projects are delivered with seamless coordination and outstanding results.

Attention to Detail

Behind every successful project lies the project manager’s unwavering attention to detail. Their meticulous approach permeates every aspect of the planning and execution process, ensuring that no element goes unnoticed, which according to Rodney is a trait that takes plenty of practice to develop. From defining the project scope to selecting the highest quality joinery and allocating resources, the project manager’s hawk-eyed focus allows them to anticipate potential challenges and proactively devise solutions. Throughout the project’s lifecycle, this attention to detail enables them to navigate complexities, maintain quality standards, and make informed decisions, ultimately culminating in a seamless and efficient execution that sets the project on a path to success.

Documentation and Project Reporting

Documentation and project reporting stand as the foundation of successful project management, and the project manager plays a pivotal role in maintaining comprehensive records throughout the project’s lifecycle. From the initial planning stages to the final handover, every detail is meticulously documented, ensuring transparency, accountability, and compliance with legal requirements. While Rodney admits this can be a tedious process, reports keep stakeholders informed, promoting open communication and building trust among team members, clients, and investors. Leveraging their technical expertise, the project manager analyses project data to derive valuable insights that drive informed decision-making and enhance overall project efficiency, creating a culture of excellence in project management.


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