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Creating Exceptional Hospitality Experiences | Studio Amaro

What transforms a good dining experience into an exceptional one? It’s the perfect blend of ambiance, convenience, and personalized service that leaves a lasting impression on guests. Unita partners with industry leaders dedicated to pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations, creating immersive experiences that extend beyond the physical realm, as demonstrated in our recent collaboration with Studio Amaro.

This versatile venue, envisioned by the renowned Melbourne-based Wendy Bergman of Bergman & Co. and meticulously constructed by the Unita VIC team, is evidence of how thoughtful design and precise construction can elevate a space to the pinnacle of hospitality excellence. Studio Amaro ventures beyond the ordinary, meticulously curating every element to enhance the dining experience. It’s an escape from the mundane, where every detail, from lighting to layout, is meticulously designed to prioritize comfort and luxury.

BUILT BY UNITA | Studio Amaro, Windsor VIC

Setting the Mood.

Studio Amaro pays homage to Italian culture at its core. The venue’s interior, paneled with dark timber and adorned in sultry hues of chocolate, olive green, and russet red, reflects Italy’s national palette. This isn’t merely a restaurant; it’s an intimate haven that captures the essence of Italy’s old-world charm. There’s fantastic fit-out details everywhere you look; the retro corduroy banquettes in mustard tones and custom chairs crafted by local artisan Steve Edwards nod to 80s Italian design, seamlessly blending comfort with elegance.

BUILT BY UNITA | Studio Amaro, Windsor VIC

An Ode to Amaro

Central to Studio Amaro’s identity is its extensive selection of amaro, the bittersweet Italian digestivo. With 40 to 50 bottles gracing bespoke shelving and joinery throughout the venue, guests can indulge in this unique liqueur neat or through an array of amaro-leaning cocktails, including the signature Nero Spritz. This dedication to amaro underscores the venue’s commitment to offering authentic Italian experiences.

BUILT BY UNITA | Studio Amaro, Windsor VIC

Day to Night.

Studio Amaro’s design caters brilliantly to both day and night experiences. By day, the space, located on a prime corner with floor-to-ceiling windows, bathes in natural light, creating a bright spot for a sunny lunch. As night falls, the lights dim, and the ambiance intensifies, transforming the venue into a cozy, retro den. This transition isn’t just for aesthetics but also functional, accommodating the changing moods and preferences of patrons.

BUILT BY UNITA | Studio Amaro, Windsor VIC

Transcend the Conventional.

The energy amplifies in the basement bar, a walk-in-only space where the atmosphere is charged with moody lighting and DJs spinning Italo disco records. This space embodies Studio Amaro’s philosophy of creating diverse, vibrant experiences under one roof. For those unable to experience the space in person, there Radio Amaro; extending the brand experience into their patrons home.

BUILT BY UNITA | Studio Amaro, Windsor VIC

At its core, Studio Amaro exemplifies the transformative power of innovative design, perfectly synchronized with an acute understanding of what makes a guest experience truly exceptional.

Studio Amaro goes beyond serving Italian delicacies; it crafts an immersive narrative where each element weaves a story of elegance, cultural depth, and unparalleled hospitality. This is the embodiment of Unita’s commitment to fit-out spaces and create experiences that leave a lasting imprint on the hearts and minds of those who step through its doors.

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