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Latest News.

10 Apr 2018

Eden Health Retreat

Created around choice and freedom, Eden is Australia's longest established health retreat. A place where guests can repair, restore and reconnect with themselves in comfort and tranquillity. Hidden away in the absolute seclusion of the Currumbin Valley in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Eden is a true sanctuary.
14 Mar 2018

Aje Claremont

Australian fashion label Aje, founded by Queensland best friends Adrian Norris and Edwina Robinson, has been hitting new heights this year. The brand opened their11th store in Claremont, WA, a few months ago and we are so excited to share the final result!
06 Mar 2018

The Future Of Pubs & Clubs

We live in an age where ‘time’ and ‘experiences’ are more precious than ‘things’. Part of a growing global trend - called the ‘experience economy’ - our desire for unique and immersive experiences is forcing pubs and clubs to rethink their traditional business model.
22 Feb 2018


From our experience working with leading Australian designers and key decision makers, these are the trends we think businesses should be exploring in 2018...
13 Feb 2018

Christie Co-Work

Christie Co-Work is a one-of-a-kind boutique community committed to offering high-end, flexible, collaborative and inspiring workplaces. Read more here -
16 Jan 2018

Cove Co-Work

Built to inspire creativity, the loft-style work space features high-end finishes & custom designed furniture that enhance a neutral base palette inspired by elements of the ocean.
20 Dec 2017

2017 in Review

Over the past year we experienced our biggest year of growth, helped our clients build more businesses than ever before and worked together to deliver our ‘Better for being with us’ vision. From all of the Unita team we’d like to say thank you to all of our amazing clients and look forward to an even bigger and better 2018!
Unita - Aje store
14 Nov 2017

The Aje Edition

Each Aje store has it's own individual design elements but all marry together with refined elegance and simplistic style.
Unita - Optus
26 Oct 2017

Optus George Street, Sydney

The digital mega-store of the future!
Unita - Furla store
25 Oct 2017

The Furla Edition

No signs of slowing down for luxury handbag brand Furla.
Unita - Style Mag
24 Oct 2017

Style Magazines

Unita's growth proves that the key to success if boldness and a commitment to making a difference in the industry.
Unita - Miss Pickle
24 Oct 2017

Miss Pickle 1971

The hottest Mediterranean restaurant we bet you didn't know about!
09 Oct 2017

Style Magazines

There’s a Brisbane-based construction company that is quite literally changing the face of the retail and hospitality industry with their unique and innovative fit outs. Spearheading the campaign to create unique customer experiences, Unita has a reputation for doing things differently.

Better Experiences

Building better client experiences starts with knowing our clients.