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Latest News.

27 Sep 2021

Shifting Gears: Car Showrooms

Although COVID-19 has changed our purchase habits, nothing can compare to the experience of in-store shopping - especially for cars. In this week’s blog post we’re looking at how car showrooms are now a gallery space for car enthusiasts and future buyers.
06 Jul 2022

COMING SOON | Nodo West End, QLD

We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Nodo Pty Ltd to deliver their latest kiosk, again designed by the talented Cameron & Co Architecture!
15 Jun 2022

Making Your Workplace Fit-Out Pop

A big consideration when designing your fit-out colour. We often see workplaces with bland generic fit-outs, but with the return to the office we think it’s about time we make our workplaces more lively. We're diving into how colour can be incorporated into your workplace fit-out to lift your staff's moods and cure the Monday blues.
08 Jun 2022

The “WeWorkification” of Retail Spaces

With the commercial real estate market becoming more competitive, many small businesses are being left behind trying to secure a lease. However, with a rise in WeWork formatted stores, we're diving into how these spaces are lowering the barrier to entry for small businesses to secure a physical selling space.
02 Jun 2022

Man vs Machine | Creating a Fit-Out That Embraces Customer Service Technology

With job automation on the rise, it's expected for human-based customer service encounters to fade out. This week we're looking at how your fit-out can embrace technology without compromising a customer's memorable and impactful experience.
25 May 2022

Curating Medical Spaces with Emotions in Mind

Visiting your local medical clinic can often be associated with stress and anxiety. To combat this, we're looking at how your clinic can establish an emotional connection with patients to create a positive "guest-like" experience.
17 May 2022

Making Your Cafe’s Design Greater Than a Cup of Joe

With many cafes having to utilise smaller tenancies, we're were checking out how you can maximise your space and enhance your customer's experience.
26 Apr 2022

Unita’s Top Entertainment Picks

With more and more entertainment facilities opening around the country, we're showcasing some of our favourite spots for a night out with friends!
11 Apr 2022

Leading interior construction and fit-out company Unita appoints Dan Hinton as CEO

Leading Australian Construction and Fit-Out Company, Unita, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dan Hinton as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
06 Apr 2022

Adapting Your Retail Fit-Out for the Future

Brick and mortar stores have made their comeback! However, the in-store experience is now being enhanced with technological developments. Check out how your retail space can integrate technology to create unique and authentic customer experiences...
30 Mar 2022

The Future of Medical Clinic Design

With the pandemic's impact on our professional lives, the medical industry has developed new working needs that can be resolved with a strategic new fit-out. Read more to find out how your fit-out can solve many of the post-pandemic woes!
23 Mar 2022

Enhance Your Hospitality Space with a Unique Fit-Out

Your customer's experience should extend beyond the food. We're diving into how some of Australia's best and brightest venues are forging memorable customer experiences through their fit-out.
17 Mar 2022

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