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Latest News.

27 Sep 2021

Shifting Gears: Car Showrooms

Although COVID-19 has changed our purchase habits, nothing can compare to the experience of in-store shopping - especially for cars. In this week’s blog post we’re looking at how car showrooms are now a gallery space for car enthusiasts and future buyers.
24 Jan 2022

On the Rise: Barkitecture

Since COVID-19 lockdowns, the RSPCA has noted an increase in pet ownership. In addition, Pinterest also predicted that "Barkitecture" will be a hot topic this year. So, what is this trend and how is it being incorporated into our industry?
17 Jan 2022

2022 Industry Predictions

New year, new project? We're making our predictions for what trends will be in and what will be changed. Check it out!
16 Dec 2021

Preserving Our History While Building for the Future

With the post-COVID boom in construction, recognising and preserving our heritage buildings is more important than ever. To maintain a site's historical significance, we're looking at why a fit-out or refurbishment is the ideal solution.
07 Dec 2021

Q+A: Behind McKinnon Dental with Bridget Porter

The Unita Victoria team recently completed the handover of McKinnon Dental. To get a more personal take on McKinnon Dental and the design process in general, we chatted with Collectivus' member and the project's designer, Bridget Porter.
01 Dec 2021

Reimagining the Waiting Room

The reimagination of waiting rooms has been something often overlooked and in need of a revamp. We're looking at some of Australia's best-designed waiting rooms and why more practices should consider refurbishing their spaces.
24 Nov 2021

The Inescapability of Curvilinear Design

Since COVID-19, we've been seeing a resurgence in curvilinear design, in particular, archways. With this spike in popularity, are elements like archways a fad or timeless design choice?
15 Nov 2021

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Refurb?

Being green has never looked so clean. As more consumers are shopping with an eco-conscious mindset, brands are adapting to this change and it's quickly spreading into high-end retail and hospitality. Let's have a look at some of the top green spaces that we're inspired by.
08 Nov 2021

Q&A with Green Care Project

This week, we sat down with Brisbane's top progressive landscaping, design and construction practice, Green Care Project. From industry trends to caring for your plants, we've got your green thumb covered when it comes to this chat.
01 Nov 2021

Libraries: A Dying Breed That’s Worth Saving

After research conducted by CIVICA, libraries have been described by the public as "the heart of our community". However, they're quickly becoming a forgotten communal facility due to technological developments. In this piece, we're taking a look into how some Australian libraries are carefully adopting technology to keep up with our ever-evolving world while maintaining the library's true essence.
26 Oct 2021

Will Coworking Be the New Norm?

As the real estate boom isn't slowing down and more startups are entering the market each year, it's becoming increasingly harder to secure the ideal office space. Thankfully, coworking spaces may be the ideal solution. We're diving into what sets coworking spaces apart from traditional office spaces and why you should consider starting your own.
18 Oct 2021

Fit-out Your Fitting Rooms

With easing COVID-19 restrictions, in-store shopping is ready for its comeback - especially fashion retail. In this blog, we're looking at innovative fitting rooms that are at the forefront of making memorable customer experiences
11 Oct 2021

Dark Dining Dynasty

With the increasing trend of dark-themed interiors and fit-outs of restaurants, we wanted to know if this trend will be a fad or a staple in the industry. To get to the bottom of this, we sat down with Simon Boyce of Collectivus to find out more.
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