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Construct Your Career | Pre-Construction Manager

In the realm of construction and development, the foundation for a successful project begins long before the first brick is laid, or the first nail is hammered. Pre-construction is the unsung hero of the construction industry, encompassing all the tasks and preparations that take place before the actual construction work begins. In this blog, Unita’s Pre-Construction Manager, Lewis Humphries, takes us through what pre-construction is and why it is a crucial aspect of any project.

 Understanding Pre-Construction:

Pre-construction is the initial phase of a construction project, where our specialised pre-construction managers compile expert teams to collaborate and develop plans for approvals and contractions. It is a comprehensive process that covers everything from conceptualisation to the moment the construction crews break ground. An average day for a Pre-Construction Manager consists of working with the team to analyse project feasibility, undertake design development and programming, as well as cost estimation and risk assessments. Pre-construction covers all aspects to ensure the smooth-running of a project, no matter the size or scale.

The Significance of Pre-Construction:

Pre-construction is a critical phase that sets the stage for the entire project, covering a spectrum of crucial functions. From meticulous cost control, through to precise time management and risk assessment, it lays the foundation for a successful project. Quality assurance stands as a central pillar, guaranteeing that materials and construction methods adhere to the highest standards. Moreover, pre-construction fosters alignment among stakeholders including clients, architects, contractors and relevant authorities to prevent potential misunderstandings and conflicts that may arise during the build phase of a project. Pre-construction is vital for ensuring that client and project needs are seamlessly integrated early in the project, culminating in the successful delivery of the final product.

Pre-construction is a massive factor in the construction process, providing the essential groundwork for successful projects. By investing time and effort in the pre-construction phase, you are set for a well-executed, cost-effective, and high-quality construction project that ticks all the boxes!

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