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TAKING OFF: Unita’s Approach to Airport Fitouts

The Aviary brisbane airport fitout cafe.

In the fast-paced world of commercial fit-outs, few environments present as many challenges and opportunities as airports. From stringent security protocols to the evolving demands of travellers, creating functional and visually stunning spaces within these hubs requires a unique blend of expertise and finesse. At Unita, we pride ourselves on our ability to navigate these complexities and deliver exceptional results that exceed expectations.

Meet Our Expert: Matt Lane, Unita’s COO

Who better to shed light on the intricacies of airport fit-outs than Unita’s very own COO, Matt Lane? With a background as an award-winning project manager at BAC and his current leadership role at Unita, Matt’s journey is marked by accolades and achievements that establish him as the industry’s go-to authority.

Meticulous Planning and Execution

The intricacies of interior construction within airport environments demand a meticulous approach from conception to completion. Matt highlights the paramount importance of planning, noting that the approvals process proves more complex than traditional retail spaces. Navigating the maze of ABC approvals and internal airport authority red tape requires seasoned expertise—an area Unita is well-versed in.

Overcoming Logistical Hurdles

Logistical hurdles loom large in airport projects, with restricted access windows and stringent security measures dictating the pace of work. Coordination is key in airport fit-outs, particularly when it comes to services and security. “As you can imagine security breaches pose a significant risk, our focus on personnel training and adherence to strict protocols ensures projects remain on track without compromising safety” Matt says. Unita’s team adeptly handles the complexities of badge-restricted areas, ensuring efficient workflows, minimising downtime, and the impact to travellers.

Rising Standards of Design Excellence

As airports evolve into multifaceted hubs of commerce and leisure, the bar for design excellence continues to rise. “Traveller’s now expect airport retail and dining experiences that match, or even exceed, the quality found on their local high streets.” Vendors like the Airport Retail Group are committing to table service in their venues, such as The Aviary, further solidifying this move toward elevated experiences.

Unita’s Approach: Collaboration and Innovation

With that in mind, Unita is passionate about collaborating with leading interior designers and architects to infuse each project with innovative design elements and on-trend amenities that elevate the passenger experience. Early collaboration ensures that the design translates well for the unique challenges and methodology required for these environments. By adopting modular design and construction methods, Unita ensures smooth passage through security screenings and tight areas—a critical aspect often overlooked by less experienced firms.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Unita’s extensive track record in airport fit-outs speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence and adaptability in a dynamic industry landscape. By seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetics, we are on a mission to transform airport spaces into vibrant destinations that captivate and delight travellers.

In conclusion, Unita’s expertise in airport fit-outs goes beyond construction—it’s about creating experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Want to check out some of our favourite Airport fitouts? Take a look at The Common, The Lord Lamington, Furla and Tumi.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can elevate your airport space to new heights.

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