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Workplace + Office Trends in 2021

Are you feeling more like a hermit than a working professional? You’re not alone. The last few months have been challenging, 2020 proving the only constant in life is change. Our snacking habits turning into full-blown sweet addictions. Our travel plans now limited to IKEA trips. It’s difficult to find motivation while hunched over our makeshift desks. Thankfully, restrictions are easing, but before your team march back to work with overpriced coffees in hand, check out these 4 fit-out solutions you should consider for your workspace in 2021.


1. Prioritise the need to Sanitise

The new must-have, sanitising stations are an easy office fit-out solution that minimises the spread of germs. They’re a self-managing hygiene device that employees can use freely. Stations tend to be more effective than desk sanitiser, as employees are more inclined to stop & apply. Stations can be customised to suit your fitout to grab attention, communicate public use and reinforce application need rather than just ‘suggesting’ it. They’re also an encouraging sign to visitors who come into contact with your workplace. As for their location, they should be positioned conveniently around the office and at any key entrance to support repeat usage. Not convinced? Well, stations can increase productivity by reducing the number of hand-washing breaks. When done correctly they can even reduce office sick leave over flu season. That’s a win-win scenario.


2. Focus on Culture + Collaboration

Workplace safety is in, but that doesn’t mean the cubical has to come back. As working from home becomes standard practise, the focus has shifted from cramming as many desks as possible into a space, instead focusing on the #1 reason your staff will travel to the office – collaboration.
Reducing desk density and increasing spaces designed for meetings, celebratory gatherings and creative collaboration will be key for future workplace spacial planning.
Incorporating outdoor spaces that increase ventilation and work as multipurpose areas will boost functional space. The use of glass can provide separation while leaving a level of connection to the wider office.


3. Embrace Technology

We understand that the workplace dynamic is changing. As employees are scattered across the country and many continue to work from home, virtual meetings are here to stay. Your office fit-out should be geared towards the future. Conference rooms must meet audio and video requirements. User-friendly digital tools can be installed to allow for interaction and assist with zoom meetings and virtual collaboration. Smart technology will minimise office touchpoints were appropriate. Hands-free devices such as soap dispensers, automatic bins, sensor doors, smart lighting and contactless sign-in will create a safer workplace for you and your staff.



4. Make it Clear with Signage

By now we’re all familiar with health guidelines. Nevertheless, given the constantly changing climate, it’s important to have visual reminders that prompt appropriate office behaviour. Signage is a quick solution that urges employees into action. They don’t need to be everywhere either. We specialise in the subtle yet effective positioning of signs and way-finding.

It’s never been a better time to improve your existing workplace or fit-out than now. Why not refurbish rather than relocate?
If you’re wanting to build better together, get in touch.

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