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What is Resimercial Design?

You may have guessed – resimercial design combines residential and commercial design elements to create unique office fit-outs that feel like a home away from home. We predict that this design approach will continue to gain popularity in the workplace over the next few years & here’s why.

1. The global pandemic has likely forced your employees to work from home, with many quickly adapting to their new yet familiar work environment. As some staff members transition back to the workplace, many are craving the comfort, warmth and convenience that the home environment provides. Thankfully, resimercial design transforms workplaces with all the residential elements that your staff love – without the screaming kids!

2. As millennials & Gen Z enter the workforce, new expectations have been set for the workplace. Coined as digital natives, the younger generation has grown up with accessible technology – prompting the notion that work can be done anywhere at any time. The physical office is now competing with remote working options, therefore, your workplace fit-out now must go beyond meeting basic needs. At the end of the day, your staff should genuinely enjoy spending time in the office… and this is where Resimercial design shines best. 

Resimercial design considers workplace trends and crafts appealing fit-outs that accommodate different activities and varying staff levels. Resimercial design creates unique spaces that help to relieve staff stress, boosts creativity + innovation. Sound like a dream come true? Before you start your workplace fit-out featuring resimercial design, check out these do’s & don’ts.


  • Do include comfortable seating. It’s often suggested to include multiple seating options for staff. It’s important to encourage your employees to move around throughout the day. On a surface level, resimercial design includes soft furnishings with durable upholstery.
  • Do consider an office layout that includes flexible workspaces. Your fit-out should be practical and responsive to evolving requirements such as physical distancing, split shifts, and hybrid work arrangements. Similar to a home, your office should have enough space for growth, collaboration and communal activities as well as individual rooms for solitary work.
  • Do include tactile textures, quality materials and a more domestic colour palette that evokes a sense of warmth, comfort and familiarity – include residential-inspired décor like rugs, lamps & furnishings. 
  • Do incorporate biophilic elements such as greenery, natural light, indoor office gardens & external landscaping in your resimercial workplace fit-out.
  • Do include additional facilities such as high-quality residential amenities e.g. shower facilities, multiple vanities + toilets. 
  • Do include an impressive kitchen space. The heart of any home is the kitchen and now it’s the centrepiece of your office fit-out. Make sure to have an accessible kitchen that caters to all your staff needs, including that 3 pm snack-attack


  • Don’t get rid of professional office features. To benefit from Resimercial design, you need to find a balance between commercial elements and more ‘homely’ features. Your office fit-out must maintain; quiet spaces for deep work, private places for phone conversations, meeting rooms + practical lighting.
  • Don’t give into clutter. Unlike a home, your commercial building needs to remain a place of work. That means enforcing strict hygiene rules. If staff want to include their own design touches on the work environment – Great. Just don’t let clutter overrun the office…we all know a hoarder.
  • Don’t be generic. This is your opportunity to introduce a stunning design into your workplace fit-out that’s as unique as our individual homes. It’s time to create an environment that is inviting & interesting.
  • Don’t do it alone. Office fit-outs can be hard, after all your trying to please the masses. It’s best to talk to an expert team that’s familiar with Resimercial design. At Unita, we can deliver outstanding results from concept through to completion. Our cross-sector experience means all our services are based on an unparalleled understanding of real-world success.

No matter your sector, we can deliver a workplace fit-out that’s right for your staff & business.

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