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Sydney Unlocked

Sydney is unlocked! With the controversial lock-out laws lifting in the new year, we’re excited to see the city come back to life after dark.

Since the legislation came into place in 2014, Sydney’s seen a loss of the cultural vibrancy that it was so iconically known for. Even more concerning, the city suffered noticeable economic and employment downturn that saw over 170 venues close, a 10% drop is under-35s visiting the city, and an 80% drop in foot traffic in the CBD.

While it may seem as though it’s impossible to rebuild the damage six years of oppression has done, it’s important to remember there was also 6 years of progress and infrastructure improvements, including the upcoming light rail, making it easier and, more importantly, safer for night-lovers to travel to and from the action.

While favourites like Hugo’s and Soho have sadly shut their doors for good, they make room for a fresh new cohort of venues backed by keen investors excited by the prospect of revellers surging back into the city thanks to the the removal of the lock-out (excluding Kings Cross), extended alcohol provision laws and patron capacity of smaller bars across the state increasing from 100 to 120.

As one of Australia’s leading hospitality and venue builders, we’ll be seeing a huge increase refurbishments and expansions in the new year, which will be vital to attract and accommodate a new generation of night life lovers, as well as a slew of exciting and beautiful new venues sure to transform our entertainment precincts unlike ever before- reconfirming Sydney’s status as Australia’s World City.

To our friends and clients in the industry – you made it; there’s good times (and late nights) ahead.

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01 Mar 2021

The RISE of Plant-Based Venues

From tasty Cajun cauliflower tacos to coconut waffles with dairy-free ginger berry ice-cream! Gone are the days of sad side salads & tasteless steamed vegetables - it turns out vegan food isn't just for rabbits after all...
Ikea Northlakes
23 Feb 2021

The Retail Trick We’ve All Fallen For

Whether you’re a helpless bystander dragged along for the ride or a shopping native indulging in your weekly splurge, we’ve all fallen victim to this clever retail trick. What trick you say? Put simply, we build stores you just don’t want to leave!
Doctor Charlie Teo Cingulum Health
09 Feb 2021

MEDIA RELEASE | Unita Health Marks Launch With Completion of Charlie Teo’s Newest Initiative.

Australian construction and fit-out company, Unita, has today announced the launch of their new Healthcare division, Unita Health, with world-renowned brain surgeon Professor Charlie Teo, singing the companies praises.
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