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SHOW & TELL | The Art of The Showroom

We know that Australian’s are spending a large amount of their purchase journey online, with 46% of consumers now engaging in e-commerce more often. So, in a world where convenience is king, what role do physical stores play in the current retail industry? The internet has allowed the modern customer to be well-informed, research-driven and more in control than ever before. When entering a physical retail space, customers are no longer looking to simply purchase products, but are instead using your shops as showrooms. Don’t panic…it’s a good thing & here’s why!

The nature of a retail showroom is not to drive sales, but by definition is built to SHOW your products to consumers. Showrooms are cleverly designed to make potential buyers identify with your company’s brand while showcasing a variety of product types, styles, colours and finishes. Imagine your retail space as an interactive gallery, where your products & services become the main attraction. Need an example?

APPLE | The well-known tech brand has long understood that consumers want to look, touch & interact with products before purchasing. As such, Apple’s store fit-outs aren’t designed to be its primary form of revenue but instead are built for brand interaction. The company expects consumers to go home and compare prices + features online to find the right options for them, making their in-store experience solely about showcasing product offerings. With Apple’s constant stream of new and upgraded technology, this format works well for the brand. The retail fit-out also enables personalised services, including classes, events + tech support, that make an in-store visit worthwhile. Many assume that their success comes from their minimalistic design but in fact, the company is successful because this store fit-out design perfectly represents what the brand stands for – simplicity & innovation.



TESLA | Tesla is on the road to the future & is committed to making its presents known in the motor industry. Each showroom in Australia is undeniably a Tesla store, from the signature colours used to their bold signage – customers can easily identify the car brand. The showroom’s minimalist design echoes that of innovative retail companies like Apple. The Tesla store fit-out utilises the beauty of their cars which can be seen at every angle of their showroom & works as the star attraction. The Tesla team also encourages interaction + conversation around the brand’s mission, offers test drives, charging stations & multiple car services – becoming more than just an average store.



ARMADILLO & CO | The Australian brand known for its luxury handcrafted & sustainable rugs have embraced a gallery-like space that meets the consumer desire for an immersive experience. Armadillo & Co’s showroom in Surry Hills is filled with character and takes a detailed textural approach. The two-story fit-out features a poured concrete bar, solid oak handrails, glazed terracotta tiles and solid brass fixtures, providing visitors with a sense of calm and balance. The showroom goes beyond the traditional store format and allows consumers to examine the texture, quality & uniqueness of each rug in a tailored retail fit-out environment.

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