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Shifting Gears: Car Showrooms

With COVID-19 impacting international travel, more locals have resorted to touring the country via car with new car sales soaring 68% higher than the previous financial year. However, the wait for new cars has seen massive delays due to import and manufacturing complications. Even worse for buyers, the used car market has increased by 37% over the pandemic.

Due to the pandemic’s restrictions, the customer journey is shifting towards being a digital experience as manufacturers are offering door to door delivery. As a result, online ordering has become increasingly popular, while dealership and showroom purchases have become overlooked. In contradiction, before the pandemic, approximately 90 percent of customers visited flagship dealerships for assurance and brand experiences, demonstrating the significance of in-person experiences.

As cars are commonly the second-largest purchase in a person’s life, due diligence is thoroughly exercised by consumers. So with that in mind, improving a customer’s in-store experience should be at the forefront of every auto dealers future business strategy, as a positive experience will greatly impact their associations with the brand and ultimately, their purchase decision.

Although dealerships and showrooms may be traditionally perceived as being cold or a place of transaction, they should be viewed under a more creative lens. Dealerships can be reimagined as an art space, creating the ultimate atmosphere for customers and car lovers.

Here’s a few of our favourite examples for inspiration.

BUILT BY UNITA | Tesla, Southport


Tesla has become the frontrunner of showroom design by mirroring their clean energy persona and car’s simplistic and clean design. Tesla Southport, QLD and Osbourne Park, WA, both proudly built by Unita, reimagine the traditional showroom by creating a gallery-like space with a streamlined aesthetic + pristine whites (electrical cars = no oil stains!), allowing consumers to focus and learn about their future assets.



INSPIRED BY | Hyundai, Gangnam SK


Another manufacturer paving the way is the 2018 Red Dot recipient, Hyundai. Their flagship Gangnam dealership, designed by OMA aimed to target individuals who want to appear more humble.  This was executed by designing their showroom very stripped back and minimalist to prevent any signs of conveying materialism, while incorporating a sense of mystery.



INSPIRED BY | Hiroshi Nakamura, Tokyo JP

Hiroshi Nakamura

On the other side of the the spectrum,  we wanted to give the spotlight to architect, Hiroshi Nakamura. Truly reimagining the concept of a showroom, this project combines both a home and professional spaces for a car dealer.  The one-of-a-kind showroom uses textures to create warmth and architectural, triangular arches to create a warren-like interior that frames each model in it’s own space.

As you can see,  a showroom fit-out can be implemented to incorporate elements like shape, texture and colour to signify the brand’s identity and curate a space that communicates the desired experience. Choices like this can enable the cars to become the focal point while also expressing your brands ethos to create a unique customer experience.

Although the pandemic has limited in-person shopping, it is clear that there are irreplaceable experiences involved in the car industry that cannot be replicated or online despite the current circumstances. Showrooms hold a special place in car lovers hearts as they are now seen as a gallery-like experience.


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