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Reimagining the Waiting Room

Think about every time you’ve visited a medical facility. In every building, you’re greeted by the same room – a waiting room. Sometimes these spaces may be overlooked, however, they’re unknowingly one of the most important rooms for patients and their families. Some patients may only be in the room for seconds, while others may be sitting in the room for hours. Therefore, it is important that the space should be well designed and executed with a high-quality fit-out to accommodate all patients. The reimagining of these spaces is well overdue however there are some spaces that are ahead of the rest. This week, we’re highlighting medical facilities that go above and beyond.


1. BUILT BY UNITA| The Sharp Clinic, QLD

Located in South Brisbane, The Sharp Clinic boasts an impressive waiting room. Featuring lavish armchairs and floor to ceiling curtains, this clinic prioritises its patient’s privacy. The main takeaway from The Sharp Clinic is its focus on making sure their space doesn’t feel clinical. With luxurious material choices like leather, bespoke lighting and brass detailing, it echos a premium experience. Moreover, as the clinic’s waiting room doesn’t feel cold, but rather warm and welcoming, it can help patients feel at ease and settle any nerves before having a procedure. For instance, The Sharp Clinic’s waiting room also features a kitchenette for patients to use.


Changing the way we view medical facilities, Unita was briefed by Cingulum that they wanted their facility to signify that it is a science-based practice, but without the coldness of a stereotypical clinic. To execute this, a biophilic design was heavily incorporated. This theme choice helps warm the space by merging indoor and outdoor elements to give an “in-touch with nature” feel. 

Cingulum’s waiting room design takes an interesting approach to how this space is traditionally viewed. As such, the whole facility is openly planned, making it feel communal and airy. Also, furniture choices in their waiting room are very visitor friendly, with light washed colours and soft textures. 

3. BUILT BY UNITA| Dr Phil Richardson (BCPS), QLD

The final medical facility that has reimagined the waiting room is BCPS. Located in Hamilton, Brisbane, this facility ensured a luxurious start to finish experience for their patients. Featuring lavish velour seating, stone finishes and floor to ceiling mirrors. All in all, BCPS’ practice fulfils their patients’ desire for premium service through design choices and service – making it all cohesive and consistent. 

From looking at all three clinics, it’s clear that the reimagining of waiting rooms is happening before us. The design of waiting rooms is shifting to prioritise the quality of a patient’s experience, rather than the quantity. As patients are now are looking for an experience that is warm and welcoming, opposed to cold and clinical (like traditional waiting rooms), it’s essential for medical facilities to adopt the new design priorities. In addition, ensuring the room ties in with the clinic’s desired feel is important for cohesion and brand consistency. With this reimagination, we’re excited to see more medical facilities adopt a new look and feel that prioritise their patient’s needs.

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