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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Refurb?

“Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” is a phrase we typically think of when we’re throwing out the rubbish. In reality, this phrase is being applied to retail and hospitality spaces. Within the sector, green initiatives are rising fast due to more customers are caring about the future of our planet. In fact, according to Statista, in 2019, 61% of Australian consumers switched products or services due to climate change concerns. Thus, more businesses are doing their part in sustaining the planet by incorporating recycled materials. We want to highlight some of the best eco-conscious designs around the world and why you should consider going green for your fit-out.

INSPIRED BY | Stella McCartney London, UK

A trailblazer in the eco-space is Stella McCartney. Consistent through her clothing and retail stores, McCartney has reimagined sustainable retail fit-outs. The flagship store’s aesthetic store pays homage to her family heritage and was designed by Hyphen Architects. The interior features real living materials such as live moss and boulders from McCartney’s family farm. Also, other materials include reclaimed wood from Venice and repurposed materials from McCartney’s old London Office. The store’s space creates an environment that aligns with McCartney’s vision of establishing a greener fashion industry. Even more, the store echos a refined feel that breaks the stereotype of sustainability looking shabby.

INSPIRED BY | Potato Head Hotel Bali, Indonesia

The hotel industry has also seen a change in environmental standards. Located in Bali, Potato Head Club has cemented itself as an allrounder for luxury and sustainability, including its own zero-waste restaurant. Tying in with its surrounding environment, Potato Head Club has embraced elements of wood finishes sourced from surrounding farms, as well as local designers and craftsmen to build custom furniture. Going beyond expectations, even their amenities are zero-waste, which include slippers made from coconut fibre and glassware spun with volcanic ash. The atmosphere of the resort provides guests with a down to earth experience while maintaining a premium feel.

INSPIRED BY | Aesop Los Angeles, US

As seen so far, sustainable spaces are creeping their way into the premium market. Another leader for green initiatives is the luxury skincare brand, Aesop. Their Downtown Los Angeles store echos Aesop’s appreciation for simplicity and sustainability by fitting out the store with recycled paper. What makes this space special is that its recycled paper rolls were sourced from the nearby fashion district in Downtown Los Angeles. By sourcing, local materials, designer Brooks and Scarpa created a space that is not only environmentally friendly but, also culturally significant to Los Angeles natives.

BUILT BY UNITA | Eden Health Retreat, QLD

The final business that has incorporated a notably sustainable fit-out and exercises sustainable practices is Eden Health Retreat. Proudly built by Unita and designed by Collectivus, this health retreat has set the bar high in regard to what should be the industry standard in green initiatives. In relation to Eden’s build and fit-out, they heavily focused on selecting materials that were environmentally friendly and chose features that would reduce their carbon footprint. For instance, they implemented solar panels on their property to minimize energy consumption. Within their cabins, Eden also ensured that the furniture and decor were sustainably sourced. For instance, Eden teamed up with Eminence for their bathroom amenities as they plant a tree for every product sold. Best of all, Eden’s kitchen is also heavily focused on the environment. As such, many ingredients are from their on-site garden. However, when they do need to outsource, they cap the delivery radius to 200km to ensure fresh produce and minimal emissions – meaning your time at Eden is definitely a guilt-free and luxurious stay

Recycling has never looked better. With more high-end stores and resorts adopting eco-conscious fit-outs and practices, it has changed the way we view sustainably built spaces. They can be sustainably run and built, without sacrificing a luxurious experience. Incorporating environmentally friendly choices into your fit-out has many benefits from appealing to a larger client base to having an edge over competitors. 


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