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Q&A – Designing Cosmetic Clinics

Collectivus’ Madeline Logan is the interior designer behind some of Brisbane’s best new spaces.

Working alongside the team at Collectivus, a design firm that specialises in crafting unforgettable brands and activating spaces through considered interior design & branding. Whilst delivering concepts across multitude of sectors including hospitality, retail, workplace, the firm has recently designed a number of innovative medical practices, fitness studios and lifestyle hubs across Australia.

We sat down with Madeline to chat about her design process and the story behind her recently completed project, Pelci.

U. Clients place a great deal of trust in cosmetic professionals to help make them look and feel the best they can. In your experience, what role does interior design play when customers are selecting the perfect cosmetic clinic for them?   

M. The presentation of any clinic is important. I would say it has a massive impact on how potential clients view services and ultimately decide on who to trust. I consider the intended atmosphere when designing a space. Most cosmetic clinics want their clients to feel welcome, safe & comfortable while maintaining a polished & professional look. It’s important to differentiate yourself from other clinics and have your facilities, services and overall brand standout positively. That’s where Collectivus’ extensive design knowledge and Unita’s ability to deliver quality fit-outs & refurbishments come into play.

U. You recently completed an incredible wellness clinic fit-out for Pelci in Woolloongabba. Morgan Letherbarrow is the paramedical skin therapist that founded the company. What questions do you typically ask a client like Morgan, before getting to work? And how does this collaboration factor into your design decisions?

M. Collectivus is big into collaboration & communication. We take a holistic approach with in-depth consultations and regularly update our clients to ensure we nail their design. We believe the best creative work comes from a mixture of ideas, perspectives and experiences. Our goal is to ensure our concept perfectly reflects the brands values and goals, so we ask our clients a wide variety of questions to gain a solid understanding of their vision.

Pelci was a joy to bring to life and Morgan was fantastic to work with. As this was her first solo space, she had a very clear vision for her clinic. She has a real passion for educating her clients rather than simply treating their problems and her expertise is evident in her loyal client-base. Therefore, it was vital we created a space that was as refreshing and uncomplicated as the woman behind the business. It’s a textural oasis, with a palette that imbues a sense of warmth with soft timbers, handcrafted clay tiles & raw stone that is perfectly juxtaposed by a pop of lavender and a splash of cobalt – a refreshing combination that visually sums up how you might feel after a signature Pelci facial. The bespoke joinery crafted by the Unita team creates he finishing touch that communicates the clinic’s thoughtful design and overall quality. 

Collectivus’ Madeline Logan, the designer behind Pelci Clinic.

U. When designing for a service sector like medical & wellness, the layout must be vital. We assume a great deal of thought goes into the functionality of these fit-outs? 

M. It’s all about finding the right balance. That’s why we ask so many questions. We look at the technical and operational needs along with the business vision. We want the design journey to be as straightforward and functional as possible. While building state-of-the-art spaces that look fantastic is very important, having a floor plan that can help improve patient outcomes and allows staff to work more efficiently is paramount. We implement a lot of design solutions to meet specific needs. Our close relationship with Unita helps us to go above and beyond. But yes, there is A LOT of things to consider, though the amount of thought we put into each project truly shows in the final product.


U. Madeline you have experience designing for both fit-outs and complete builds. Do you enjoy doing clinic refurbishments or construction designs more?

M. I don’t really have a preference. There’s a level of satisfaction that comes from bringing a space back to life, but I also enjoy building from scratch. The creative freedom that comes from a new build can be really interesting. It helps to work with quality builders like Unita who not only understand how to build healthcare and wellness practices but also have a passion for unique and beautifully designed spaces.


See more of Pelci Clinic here. 

Looking to build a better health, wellness or cosmetic clinic? Get in touch today.


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