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HOW TO: POP in The Retail Market

Gucci Northface Collaboration

Many retailers are turning to pop-ups & installations to generate buzz, reinvigorate or introduce their brand. As a strategy, these shops are tapping into something that’s been missing from the recent retail market, consumer connection. Pop-ups are a celebration of your brand and provide a valuable touchpoint to your consumers. The success of these pop-ups is often credited to the creative & carefully tailored designs that flexible installations can deliver. Innovative fit-outs simply attract attention and therefore your customers. Unita are the experts at transforming retail spaces with over 5000 retail stores built globally. No matter the size, our team treats each project with the same care & status. This ethos is transferred to any pop-ups we deliver, meaning your installation is always built better together.


silk-laundry_popup_retail_design BUILT BY UNITA | The recently completed Silk Laundry Pop-Up in Bondi, NSW.


Retail E-commerce | As the e-commerce community continues to grow with retailers successfully thriving through online sales, pop-ups are becoming a fantastic way to further develop your brand’s presents. While some suggest traditional shopfronts are no longer necessary to sell items, it’s important to understand the power of tangible assets. Pop-ups are providing retailers born in the digital age an opportunity to showcase their tangible goods & connect with a wider audience. When done correctly, Pop-ups can be a creative way to introduce your brand. They can be carefully curated to represent your brand’s ideals, style and image in the retail industry. Pop-ups are transportable and can be replicated at multiple locations for greater reach. These unique touchpoints grant a level of legitimacy that is often an initial struggle for digital companies. It’s also the perfect way for companies to test interest before establishing a physical store. Silk Laundry recently introduced their holiday pop-up store in Bondi NSW, which was actualised by the Unita team in under a week. The luxurious fashion brand showing interest in establishing more permanent infrastructure.

Luxury Brands | Well-established brands often search for ways to reinvigorate their image or generate buzz for new launches. A Sydney jeweller created their temporary summer pop-up at Westfield Bondi Junction featuring six brands under the ‘Reliquia Collective’. The collection was a great example of how smaller retailers can group labels under one stylish & flexible shopfront, allowing for new audiences to be introduced to their merchandise in a real and authentic way. Luxury brands such as Cartier are leader in creative installations. In December 2020, Cartier opened their pop-up treasure trove filled with luxurious goodies in Westfield Sydney. The design was modelled after the infamous French red jewellery box. The Cartier Box is a perfect example of a renewed retail concept. The Director of Cartier Oceania stating that “guests are able to discover the many creations of the Maison through experience displays and tactile moments.” Pop-up installations give you the freedom to craft an immersive experience with infinite creativity.


INSPIRED BY | Gucci Pins: Gucci x Northface Collaboration


Brand displays are also a fantastic tool to promote collaborations between labels. Gucci Pins successfully opened their temporary shop in January 2021. The installation highlighted The North Face x Gucci collaboration and appeared at multiple locations. Before consumers embarked on their own fashion exploration, they were greeted by a statement façade sporting the signature collab floral pattern. A wilderness wonderland awaited patrons inside, featuring grass rugs & yellow dome tents. The use of QR codes invited the sound of nature into the shopping space, which helped to reinforce the concept of a high-fashion explorer. The pop-up shop was so successful that staff worked relentlessly to alter displays as consumers quickly snapped up items.


BUILT BY UNITA | The Magnum Pleasure Store, Westfield Sydney


Hospitality | It’s not just retailers that can capitalise on pop-ups. Situated in the heart of Chadstone Shopping Centre for a limited time only, Unita was tasked to build the Magnum Pleasure Store in Victoria. This decadent pop-up became an immersive experience as patrons eagerly watched each sweet treat take shape before their eyes. The Magnum pop-up created a memorable taste sensation that undoubtedly stuck in consumer minds. Similarly, Industry Beans has taken their offerings to the next level with a first-of-its-kind coffee retail shop. The ‘Coffee Arch’ located in Chadstone, allows coffee lovers to walk through a tunnel of speciality coffee – from their speciality flat white to the famous Bubble Coffee. This is only the beginning for the Melbourne coffee giant, having successfully opened a new store in Brisbane’s CBD. The coffee connoisseurs are now planning to expand into Chadstone Shopping Centre with a coffee roastery, café & restaurant in 2021.

INSPIRED BY | Industry Beans Coffee Arch, Chadstone Shopping Centre

Whether your project is BIG or small, Unita is ready to bring your dream pop-up to life! Get in touch.


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