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Optus Queen Street: Transforming Customer Tech-Experiences

Optus Queen St Flagship Store in Brisbane

You’ve done your research. You’ve justified the price. You’re one click away from owning that exciting new item, but something doesn’t feel right. If you’ve recently visited a website with the intent to buy but have aborted last minute, then you’re not alone. Whether you have a fear of buyer’s remorse or just spoilt for choice, sometimes you require the reassurance that only a store can provide.

The need for instore differentiation has become a popular topic in the retail industry. As online shopping flourishes, so should your company’s commitment to the customer experience. Physical stores are experience-driven assets that can appeal to your consumers need for personalisation, engagement and reassurance. So what elements should you include in your next retail fit-out or refurbishment? The modern consumer values comfortable design, a family-friendly atmosphere, appealing décor and up-to-date technology. Therefore, the makings of a successful retail space should include appropriate seating, fixtures, décor, along with amenities such as TVs and WiFi access.

Optus Queen Street incorporates technology into every aspect of the store fit-out, including wrap around digital screens and stair rises designed to captivate and delight.

Optus’ new two-storey flagship store located in Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall perfectly captures what the future of retail should look like. The telecommunication giant has invested in their customer interactions. The space, designed by Collectivus and delivered by Unita, supports unique and personalised customer experiences with zones crafted for different consumer needs. As Unita’s retail division specialises in multi-site location builds, roll-outs and boutique venue fit-outs within the fashion and service industries, we were able to cater for the variety of Optus’ clients and their specific needs. From high-tech ‘Kids zones’ for families to ‘Express Connect’ zones for busy CBD customers. The retail store fit-out is truly designed to allow visitors to get the most out of their visit.

The store features bespoke joinery that define each zone, encouraging exploration.

In addition, the store design doesn’t shy away from meeting Optus’ vision of building a brighter future. Customers can tour the space and its product offerings through a curved digital wall that illuminates not only your knowledge but its surroundings. Ascend the digital staircase and you’ll find a state-of-the-art gaming studio that showcases Optus’ recent eSport signing. Queen Streets fully immersive store is the ideal space for consumers to physically engage with Optus’ latest products and services. This high-quality fit-out defining the future of in-store interactions.

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