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On the Rise: Barkitecture

According to the RSPCA, since COVID-19 lockdowns, household demand for pets has dramatically risen. As a result, there has also been an increase in online searches regarding pet-related topics. At the end of 2021, Pinterest released their top predictions for 2022 and noted that the search term “Barkitecture” was a rising keyword in 2021.

So what exactly is Barkitecture? The term was coined by an online reality show that revolves around showing off extravagant dog house designs, and now this term has begun to branch into commercial interior design. Within Pinterest’s research, they found that terms such as “catify home” and “dog beds made from furniture” were searched four times more in 2021 than in previous years. This suggests that we could be seeing more pet-orientated designs in the coming months.

Pet-friendly spaces such as kennels have seen a design revamp with more companies focusing on a well-designed fit-out. A top example of barkitecture is KIP Happy Stays. Unita has been working closely with KIP to build and refurbish several of their kennels. KIP’s kennel design balances functionality with aesthetic design. Customer-facing areas such as the reception bring a modern twist on what used to be a ‘plain jane’ space. KIP’s receptions feature fun animal prints and shapes that reflect the brand’s personality, while the back of the house features multiple spaces to accommodate their puppy guests.


In addition to pet-friendly spaces, pet furniture is also trending. We’re in love with these dog beds by Barney. Unlike other brands, Barney brings a sophisticated take on pet decor. Their designs bring a refreshing take on the traditional dog bed as they have several beds that follow this year’s trend of curved furniture.

INSPIRED BY | Barney Beds 

Lastly, according to a study by the University of Southern California, bringing pets into the office can benefit workflow as they can reduce stress and nurture productivity. With this and the increase of pet ownership, we should now be taking our pets into consideration when designing workspaces. An excellent example of this is from Bark, who are behind the subscription service BarkBox.  Their office is well-suited for their brand as it features several seating areas with dog-friendly spots that allow workers to sit wit with their companions. Although this brand goes above and beyond incorporating pet-friendly design into their office – Bark sets an example for how we can incorporate pets into our workplace design. Even subtle additions to the workplace such as dog beds, playpens and drinking fountains can help make the workplace a more pet-friendly environment.



The rise of Barkitecture has proven itself as a hot topic with increased online searches. From the shift in how we design pet-orientated spaced, to how we are adapting to accommodate pets in our work life, we cant wait to see where this trend will take us in 2022. 

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