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Man vs Machine | Creating a Fit-Out That Embraces Customer Service Technology

For years, we have been set in the status quo of having personable staff working in offices, retail stores and restaurants. However, with technology evolving every day and COVID-19 impacting the way we interact with each other, we’re now witnessing an increase in job automation. Whether it’s at your local supermarket or general practitioner, technology is slowly taking over. So, what do we mean by this? We’re talking about normalised things such as self-checkouts and check-in kiosks. With the lack of human presence, automated experiences may at first have a “wow-factor”, but once we’re desensitised to it, we no longer have a personable and unique experience to look back on. To combat this, we’re looking into how your fit-out can incorporate technology while maintaining a positive and memorable in-person experience.

INSPIRED BY | DAWN Cafe Tokyo, Japan

Cheque please, Mr Roboto

With advancements in technology, it is expected that the element of personalised customer service will fade out. Especially in the hospitality sector, customer service can be a make or break for a diner’s experience. However, select restaurants are now incorporating robotic servers to deliver food. After the initial “wow-factor” of having a robotic server, it begs the question of what else does your restaurant have to offer? You can offer a well-planned and designed fit-out that can create a comprehensive dining experience that makes customers want to come back for more. We’re talking about a-typical material and design choices that stray away from traditional design, like archways or natural timbers and stone. However, a key consideration if you want to implement robotic servers into your restaurant, think carefully about your fit-out floorplan. Functional aspects like ensuring ample space for your staff, the robotic server and customers to flow and move around each are paramount.

A hospitality space that is changing the way we’re served is Dawn Cafe in Tokyo, Japan. Set in one of the world’s most densely packed cities, the space brings an interesting take on the classic man vs machine narrative. With its biophilic design to bring the outside in, while also incorporating futuristic robot servers, the wheelchair accessible space is changing the hospitality industry. But best of all, the cafe’s robots are operated remotely by disabled workers, making the space highly inclusive.

INSPIRED BY | Automated Check-In Kiosks

Say Hello To Your New Receptionist!

Another space that has seen the implementation of job automation is the reception desk. In the case of our medical spaces, self-check-in kiosks have established themselves as an efficient way for patients to be accounted for. Although, from a patient’s point of view, human interaction typically creates a memorable experience. To compensate for the reduced in-person customer service, we recommend creating a space that prioritises the patient’s journey. As such we suggest having a waiting room with easy to navigate check-in kiosks and curating a warm and welcoming feel that extends to the doctor’s office. Having a medical space that puts your patient first can help foster a wholesome experience that leaves a long-lasting impression.

Although we love the initial “wow-factor” of automation in commercial spaces, it comes at the cost of your customer’s in-person experience. When deciding to implement technology into your fit-out, you need to heavily consider what else your space has to offer. Creating spaces that are unique to your industry is vital, whether that is through your overall design choices or material choices, these efforts can create a memorable and impactful experience for your customers.


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