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Making Your Workplace Fit-Out Pop

A big consideration when designing your fit-out is colour. We often see workplaces with bland generic fit-outs, but with more people returning to the office, we think it’s about time we make our workplaces more lively. We’re diving into how colour can be incorporated into your workplace fit-out to lift your staff’s moods and cure the Monday blues.

INSPIRED BY | Esquire, New Dehli by Studio Bipolar

Drawing the line between using too much colour and not enough can often come into play when designing your next fit-out to ensure you’re staff aren’t overwhelmed or understimulated. A space that takes colour to the next level is Esquire Magazine’s new office in New Dehli, designed by Studio Bipolar. Featuring a broad palette of vibrant and loud colours, this workplace will put a pep into anyone’s step. On top of its energetic colour scheme, Studio Bipolar also included a range of RGB lights throughout the office that creates a nightlife feel, reflective of the publication’s men’s lifestyle heritage. Although Esquire’s office is a dramatic example of incorporating colour into a workplace fit-out, there are certain design elements that you can draw inspiration from. We’re obsessed with Studio Bipolar’s use of coloured glass panes. Aesthetically, these window panes manipulate and reflect light to create beautiful hues of colour in the office. While functionally, the glass creates a sense of privacy and helps divide the space into separate areas to work in, without disrupting the collaborative floorplan.

BUILT BY UNITA | Oasis Dental Clinic Pottsville, NSW

In contrast to Esquire’s office, you can incorporate colour in a more subtle and soothing way, consider looking toward muted colours! A workplace environment that’s often overlooked is our health clinics. Even though we’re seeing health-related spaces become more patient-centric, we cannot forget about our healthcare workers. A space that’s paving the way for others is Unita’s latest project, Oasis Dental Clinic Pottsville, NSW. Built by the Unita NSW team and designed by Collectivus, the reception makes patients feel welcomed with its earthy green tones and oak wood joinery. Better yet, these details are also featured in the dental clinic’s surgical rooms and staff-occupied areas. Taking your staff’s working environment into account should also be highly considered during your fit-out’s design process to ensure a happy, healthy and lively clinic. 


Through subtle or loud touches of colour, you can bring new life to your workplace fit-out and make your staff feel energised, wanting to come to work. We recommend going beyond repainting your walls! Draw some inspiration from workplaces like Esquire’s office that incorporated colour through different mediums. Alternatively, you can take inspiration from Oasis Dental by selecting unique joinery work with muted colours to create a warm and inviting space for staff.

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