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How to: Create a Feast For Their Eyes

We’ve all salivated in anticipation when spotting our waitress carrying an assortment of goodies? ‘Eating with your eyes’ is a common phenomenon resulting in a full camera roll of plated masterpieces which ultimately flood our socials as the digital space drives our ability to share.

However, beautiful content goes beyond what is on your plate. After months of lockdown takeout food and couch meals, your customers are seeking an aesthetic environment that enhances the entire dining experience. Innovative hospitality fit-outs are an investment that keeps giving. Why not become the instagrammable background for the infamous group shot? Or go viral thanks to some cleverly constructed signage? Clever branding and a successful interior fit-out can go a long way in creating atmosphere and building customer advocacy online.

Here’s our top tips for ensuring your hospitality business stands out from the crowd.

1 |  Memorable Branding.

Branding refers to all elements that connect someone to your business. The success of any food business is driven by this connection and the customer’s resulting opinion. In hospitality, the interaction your customers have with their environment is an important one, everything from signage, uniforms, menus, and take-away packaging should be factored into your overall brand strategy. It’s easy to build up the aesthetic expectations of your bar, restaurant or café venue online and underperform in person. However, in the digital era where everyone’s a critic, this is a dangerous game to play. As they say, the proof is in the proverbial (and literal) pudding, so why not be the real deal? Developing strong physical branding that extends through out your branding and flows into an innovative fit-out is a solution that opens many opportunities. Quality construction and design invites digital interaction. When the brand is communicated effectively consumers will promote freely.

Branded to Perfection – from the fit-out to the uniforms, Martha’s Table has their brand identity perfected by Melissa Collison.

2 |   An Outstanding Fit-Out.

The overall design vision sets the tone of your business and visually communicates the brand. That’s why Unita is dedicated to creating stunning hospitality fit-outs that do the work for you. We’ve worked with some of Australia’s most talented designers to build award-winning café, bar and restaurant fit-outs across the nation. With over 16 years’ experience in build, we have tackled multi-faceted projects that meet consumer expectations before they even open your front door.
One of our advantages? Unita Manufacturing. We handle the construction process from start to finish, meaning we can support intricate design elements by creating in-house bespoke joinery that’s tailored for your fit-out project. Being the experts in executing technical details and coordination results in quality control that needs no filter. We deliver spaces that marry the digital experience with reality all while staying on budget and on time.

A Feast for the Eyes – There’s details galore in Martha’s Table, making the perfect instagram-worthy backdrop.

3 |  Stay Up-to-Date.

After construction is complete, it’s vital for businesses to maximise their operational standards and keep their finger on the pulse when it comes to sharing and promoting their business. This includes incorporating the latest food and drink trends, maintaining strict hygiene and social distancing standards and ensuring your sharing your business with beautifully presented photography of your food, drinks and of course, your fantastic new space. Unita continues communication well after handover and believes aftercare is key in maintaining an exquisite build collaboration.

A quality fit-out and clever branding can deliver many opportunities and can lead to increased visibility in a highly competitive area.
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