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Give Your Cosmetic Clinic the Glow up It Deserves

We’ve all had our glow up growing up but guess who else glowed up… our cosmetic clinics! Over recent years, the way we design our medical spaces has rapidly evolved – especially cosmetic clinics. The popularity of cosmetic procedures in the country is undeniable with Australians spending over $1 billion a year on them, leading to us spending more per capita than the US. Given this influx of procedures, the market has become highly saturated with new clinics popping up everywhere. Hence, your cosmetic clinic needs to stand out from the crowd with a unique and well-executed fit-out.  

For years, medical clinic design was locked into following generic ‘copy and paste’ trends of white walls, cold floors and down lighting that once put the patient experience on the back burner. Now, we’re experiencing the overhaul of redesigned spaces that balance functionality with an aesthetic design that puts the patient’s overall care and experience at the forefront of our minds.

A trending theme we’re loving is cosmetic clinics adapting their spaces to provide a “guest-like” experience for their patients. Rather than opting for an archaic fit-out that makes patients feel like another number walking through the door, clinics are now focusing on making guests feel welcomed and “at-home” through a well-executed and designed fit-out.


BUILT BY UNITA | Pelci Clinic Woolloongabba, QLD 

Utilising your space’s natural lighting can be a key player in making your clinic unique. Designed by Collectivus, Pelci Clinic will make you feel like a new person after entering the space. From the welcoming reception to the private procedure rooms, Collectivus designed the space with the guest’s comfort in mind. Pelci’s design embraces natural sunlight and harmoniously incorporates a mix of materials that help manipulate the light to make the space feel open and airy.


BUILT BY UNITA | Upcoming Clinic Project

When designing your next fit-out, never underestimate textures! As we’re also seeing an uprising in neutral tones, it’s given designers the opportunity to experiment and showcase unique textures that bring spaces to life. As seen in one of Unita’s upcoming projects, this cosmetic clinic’s walls feature an eye-catching marble-like wash that adds a beautiful visual dimension to the space. 

If you really want to be bold and make your mark, have you considered a distinctive colour palette? As we’ve left behind the days of plain jane design, we’re now seeing fun colours and textures being incorporated into our designs. If you need more inspiration for your next fit-out, you can’t ignore the design trends happening in the global cosmetic hub, South Korea. Designed by Team55667788, ATOP’s Gangnam skincare clinic showcases a functional and aesthetic design.


INSPIRED BY | ATOP Beauty Clinic Gangnam, South Korea

ATOP delivers a warm and soothing take on clinical design. The space prioritises its patient’s experience by heavily focusing on the clinic’s sensory feel and overall privacy. With its soft red earthy tones and subtle textures consistent throughout the clinic, the space elicits a sense of tranquillity for its patients. In addition, another focal point of ATOP’s space is its emphasis on patient privacy through beautifully designed privacy screens and strategically angled rooms to cut off any unwanted attention.

The design of our cosmetic clinics has come a long way over recent years with our spaces putting the spotlight on “guest-centric” design. Ultimately, acknowledging the importance of your client-facing areas should take high priority when designing your cosmetic clinic for the future. Having a brand-focused, uniquely designed fit-out that features aspects like a welcoming reception space and carefully considered private procedure rooms can draw patients in and give your clinic the glow up it deserves.

If you’re looking to transform your clinic into an award-winning space, get in touch with us today.


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