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Design Your Space for More than Just a Pub Feed

For generations, we’ve indulged in our beloved pub feed. Although our love for the food has remained the same, so has the design of our pubs – which needs to change. Consumer needs are ever-evolving and you need to not only keep up, but predict what’s coming as well. This week we’re looking at different ways to upgrade your venue’s design to benefit your patrons and ensure your pub’s fit-out and features last the test of time.

INSPIRED BY | QR Code ordering systems

  1. Scan + Streamline

A simple feature that can elevate your guest’s experience at your venue is by installing self-service QR Codes. This convenient way of ordering can help reduce required staff as well as help minimise wait time for customers as it cuts out the process of waiting in line to order. Better yet, it even cuts out the awkwardness of trying to catch the waiter’s attention…

To implement this, we suggest using software like Square. Square can help streamline many of your venue’s logistics like POS, payment processing and customer tickets. Although systems like this may come at a small cost, they ultimately could be worth trialling as they could create better customer experiences and simplify processes for your staff.


INSPIRED BY | June’s Shoppe Sydney, NSW

  1. For Those On-The-Go

Similar to your local cafe that might operate through a hole in the wall, you might want to consider integrating this style of service for customers who prefer to enjoy your culinary offerings from the comfort of their home. Adding in a designated takeaway service offering provides the opportunity to introduce your business to an entirely new audience of locals and visitors alike, with minimal disruption to your patrons or operations.

Located in Sydney’s CBD, June’s Shoppe is reshaping how we design our hospitality spaces. June’s Shoppe features an outdoor cafe with generous outdoor seating, but its main attraction is its cute hole-in-the-wall window that accommodates on-the-go customers. Although this example is demonstrated by a cafe, it serves up inspiration for how we can transfer this to our pubs.


BUILT BY UNITA | Crown Hotel Lutwyche, QLD

  1. Forget the Temporary Fix

Since it’s clear that the pandemic isn’t ending any time soon, we feel that it’s time to forget about the temporary fixes (like plexiglass dividers) and reimagine how we plan our spaces as a whole. As such you need to rethink about maximising your space and keeping guests COVID safe. An ideal way to do so is by redesigning your outdoor spaces – like adding a beer garden. Areas like this not only reduce the likelihood of spreading COVID-19 but also offers your patrons a new place to kick back and relax.

Last year, local legend Crown Hotel engaged with Unita to complete the refurbishment of their historic pub and build their new beer garden. The garden features heaps of shaded and open seating for guests to enjoy a bevy. However, the most impressive part of Crown Hotel’s beer garden is their large scale mural by local artist, Ash Taylor.

From all of these examples, upgrading your pub doesn’t necessarily need to be an overwhelming process. Smaller works like building an alternative service window or implementing convenient QR codes for self-service can elevate your customers’ experience. Hence, redesigning your pub should revolve around your customer’s needs and the longevity of the space’s design to ensure its can withstand the test of time.


If you want to make your pub a step above the rest? Drop us a line today and we’ll make your space a memorable one!

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