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Curating Medical Spaces with Emotions in Mind

It’s rare to know someone who genuinely enjoys a visit to the doctor or dentist as they are often associated with stressful or anxiety-inducing experiences. However, it’s not all bad news. Recognising the stigma around visiting medical and healthcare clinics is half the battle, as it opens the opportunity to create solutions that can assist in reversing these perceptions. How do we heal our collective pain points you ask? By shifting the mindset of your clients from being “patients” to being “guests” – and the best way to begin is with design; set the scene by creating a soothing, emotional connection between your space, your staff, and your patients.


BUILT BY UNITA | Oasis Dental Pottsville, QLD

  1. Colour is key

Colour psychology is a common consideration when designing a clinic’s fit-out. When considering your colour scheme you need to consider the customer’s perspective and how you want to feel walking in and walking out. Utilising a black and white colour scheme may allude to the feeling of exclusivity, while something with a muted colour palette may be perceived as more welcoming or soothing. A space that has nailed this concept is Oasis Dental Pottsville, built by Unita and designed by Collectivus. Featuring muted and earthy green tones, complemented with warm wood panelling, the space calms and relaxes its patients. As a result, Oasis Dental’s patients feel better walking out, than they did walking in. Take a look at the render above! Final images coming soon to Unita’s social media, so keep your eyes peeled.


INSPIRED BY | EKH Children Hospital by Integrated Field

  1. Reimagining

Health facilities, especially for children are often overwhelming and daunting. Many clinics try to combat these feelings by offering toy boxes or dedicated children’s rooms. Even though these efforts try to minimise any anxiety, we need to reimagine these spaces to ensure all of our youngest patients feel comforted and confident enough to visit their local health clinic. We appreciate spaces that prioritise a child’s emotional experience while also ensuring the space blends into the clinic’s design as a whole. A space we love is EKH Children’s Hospital in Thailand, designed by Integrated Field. This space features a fun and playful design with a soft colour palette that makes for a unique patient experience for both children. But most importantly, you can’t forget about the parents of the patients! Parents are also considered in the design as it creates an aesthetic that makes them feel like they’re guests in a hotel.


BUILT BY UNITA | The Sharp Clinic South Brisbane, QLD

  1. Bring a fresh perspective with varying materials

We’re currently obsessed with the concept of making clinics feel… unlike a clinic. What do we mean by that? We’re talking about straying from traditional materials associated with clinics, like plain linoleum floors and reflective plastics or glass finishes. A clinic that has executed alternative material choices is The Sharp Clinic in South Brisbane. Built by Unita and designed by Collectivus, The Sharp Clinic is a high-end private cosmetic surgery that focuses on the patient journey and experience. After identifying their target market who desire a comprehensive and exclusive experience, they centred their fit-out around their patient’s needs. As seen at their reception, the large granite splashback echoes the clinic’s high-end feel while also offering the functionality of being easy to clean. In addition, even the waiting area screams luxurious. Rather than opting for “plain-Jane” curtains, Dr Sharp’s clinic uses sheer curtains that offer the functionality of enabling privacy, while also creating a soft light for patients. Overall, The Sharp Clinic creates an environment that makes patients feel like they’re surrounded by luxury, while also feeling safe and secure.

With many medical spaces being associated with stress or anxiety, it is important that your fit-out’s design resonates with your patient’s emotions. Considering aspects like your clinic’s colour scheme, how it’s perceived by children and material choices can impact your space is emotionally translated to guests.

Do you want to create a medical space that makes your patients feel safe and calm? Contact us today for a consultation with one of our fit-out specialists!

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