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Bring Back Your Workers With a Unique Fit-Out

COVID-19 has disrupted the workforce by causing staff shortages, however, we’re now seeing witnessing a steady decline in cases nationally. A problem we’re now facing after the adoption of WFH arrangements is trying to entice our workers to come back into the office. To combat this, your workplace fit-out needs to incorporate amenities and facilities that benefit your staff’s mental and physical health.  This week we’re looking at some of the best fit-out facilities offered by workplaces around the world and how they can benefit productivity for your business.

BUILT BY UNITA | Christie Cowork Queen St, QLD

Since COVID-19, statistics from Bicycling Australia have indicated that cycling for work purposes and recreation has increased by up to 69%. Moreover, this increase in cyclists is expected to continue as we are seeing more people opting for environmentally friendly ways to commute to work. Given this, your workplaces should incorporate an end-of-trip to accommodate them.

In 2017, Christie Cowork engaged Unita to deliver the fit-out of their Queen St offices, however, the company later identified that they needed to provide a commuter-friendly facility for their residents. As a result, Christie Cowork revised their space in 2019 and asked Unita to complete the fit-out of their end-of-trip facility. Although Christie Cowork had completed the coworking space, it demonstrated that revisions can be made to update the space’s offerings.

Designed by Collectivus, the space features floor to ceiling slate tiling and warm wooden finishes that surround workers in luxury. In addition, the EOT facility also includes secure bike storage, and daily towel and dry cleaning services as well to ensure your team always look their best. All in all, including an EOT facility, can help draw in staff by providing a space that allows them to comfortable prepare for their day.


INSPIRED BY | Gymshark Lifting Club Solihull, UK

Its commonly known that exercise is a key component of maintaining a balanced lifestyle for our workers. In regard to its impact on the workplace, Indeed found that offering an office gym can reduce sick days, reduce stress and create a positive culture in the workplace (by incorporating a gym buddy system to encourage people to work out together).

One of the best office gyms that impressed us belongs to the fitness brand, Gymshark. Since the company’s conception, they have experienced immense growth with a 200% increase in revenue year-on-year and the company now consists of over 900 staff. Located next to their HQ in Solihull, the company built a mega gym to accommodate their corporate staff and influencer’s fitness needs.

Introducing, Gymshark’s mammoth-sized gym! This space cost the company a swole sum of $7 million. The gym’s purpose is not only to serve its staff but to also provide a location to create marketing material. Check out the full tour here 


INSIPIRED BY | Facebook Palo Alto CA, US


Lastly, as our cities are growing rapidly, it has caused us to build more highrises in order to accommodate as many businesses as possible. Although we found a solution to maximise our space, it has also resulted in minimising our access to outdoor areas. With this, some of our spaces now incorporate rooftop gardens and workplaces. Incorporating green spaces into our fit-outs should be a top consideration as outdoor access has proven to be beneficial to the productivity and health of your team. 

A company that has identified this issue and found a solution is Facebook. Completed in 2018 and located in Palo Alto, California, their campus features a 3.6-acre rooftop area. Much like a public park, Facebook’s rooftop features fully grown trees, grassland and a variety of seating options. Designer, Frank Gehry intended for the space to embrace surrounding neighbourhoods and mirror their local greenery to provide an outdoor space that immerses people in nature.

Ultimately, incorporating spaces that make your workplace unique and accommodating to staff needs can help encourage them to return to the office. Although we covered many options that are flagship examples, simply creating spaces that may not be available to workers at home can create a reason to go into the office and make the workplace more enjoyable.

Want to create a unique workplace that’ll inspire and energise your team? Get in touch today!

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