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Boosting Company Culture Through Office Design

At the heart of your company is its culture, an asset that requires constant cultivation. It can be easy for your employees to switch autopilot on at 3 pm or disengage with company activities by June. While a positive company culture often comes from the top and is then reinforced at all managerial levels, the foundation is built from your workplace design and fit-out. Your office is the conduit that ignites employee productivity every day. A well-constructed space has the power to increase workforce efficiency and employee engagement. It can also assist in improving team relationships and bolster office morale. Having a strong company culture is beneficial for overall productivity, employee retention and attracting new staff. So, want to know how to boost your company’s culture?

1. A Pet-Friendly Environment

Office stress levels running a little high? Consider adjusting your company’s pet policy. Animals can have a calming effect on your employees and improve overall workplace morale. They help to lower stress levels and the associated health risk of high blood pressure. While we don’t recommend adopting a petting zoo, perhaps appoint yourself a friendly CED (Chief Executive Doggo). Build an allocated space in your office for pets and watch these fur babies catapult positive energy into the workplace. Just be mindful of the hairballs.

2. Prioritizing Employee Health

During the chaotic 9 – 5 pm working week, many of us forget to prioritise our wellbeing. Therefore, it’s important to encourage workplace wellness through improved office facilities. Some popular solutions include incorporating a healthy snack bar, gym and end-of-trip facilities, a Zen zone or sleeping pods. These separate spaces encourage your employees to take a break which can lead to boosted employee satisfaction within the company. Sleep & physical activity have also been linked to increased motivation and better health outcomes for employees. Why not take things to the next level and hire a corporate masseuse on a fortnightly basis?


christie_spaces_end_of_trip_facility BUILT BY UNITA | Christie Spaces End-of-Trip Facilities, QLD

3. Workplace Events

 It’s a great idea to have an office calendar that’s filled with fun monthly events. This gives employees something to look forward to & encourages positive relationships between team members. If you’re looking to reduce the costs associated with running regular events, consider investing in a function room that doubles as an employee chillout zone. This is a great fit-out option that can be tailor-built to meet any of your employees need. Table Tennis anyone?

4. Nailing You’re Lighting

 A well-lit office can have a massive impact on your employee’s state of mind. Humans subconsciously associate light with particular activities. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right lighting for your office environment. Attempt to illuminate your workplace with an abundance of natural light where possible. Sunlight has been proven to improve mood, energy levels and alertness. When choosing alternative light sources, we recommend consulting a lighting designer to and to make sure they are adjustable and give off a cooler light to improve productivity.


Cove_coworking_kitchen_fitout BUILT BY UNITA | Cove Co-working Staff Kitchen + Break-away, Newstead, QLD

5. Desk Options

 Most of us spent the majority of our week in the office, therefore our workspace often becomes a home away from home. It’s important to let your employees choose what desk and chair feel most comfortable to them. While some might stick to the traditional workspace others might adopt standing desks or a more supportive chair. Allow a degree of freedom around the personal design of desks. However, it’s best practice to encourage employee movement where possible, as prolonged sitting can lead to fatigue and increased employee burnout. If you’re looking to go against the norm, consider a working arrangement like ‘hot-desking’ that changes employee workstations daily.

6. Aesthetic Environment

It’s a balancing act when designing an office. Many workplaces come across as lifeless and uninspiring, while others feel more like a chaotic jungle than a practical workspace. We suggest investing in a fit-out or refurbishment that reimagines your office environment. Unita gladly walks the construction tightrope to provide a well-balanced office that is high-quality, personalised, functional and stylish. We always consider office layout and flow in our fit-outs and aim to reduce unnecessary clutter through creative storage solutions that maximise your space. You don’t need to sacrifice your design style for practicality.


Place_estate_agents_offices BUILT BY UNITA | Place Estate Agents, Woolloongabba, QLD

7. Biophilic Office Design

The 2021 design buzz word, there is increasing demand for biophilic in office environment biophilic elements. By introducing natural components into your office, you can craft a more inviting space for employees and visitors. Plants are a fantastic starting point, as these natural beauties add vibrancy and improve air quality. Consider incorporating biophilic materials such as wooden panelling, exposed brick, stone countertops and clay pots for a simple and sustainable office design.

8. Collaborative Spaces

 Collaboration between your employees is vital to your business’s success. However, these interactions can be lively or hard to organise. It’s important to make collaboration as easy as possible. We suggest introducing separate self-contained areas like “breakout rooms” in your next office fit-out. These rooms allow teams to gather and explore potential ideas in a safe place. Consider soundproofing breakout spaces for those louder conversations and let that creative energy flow!


Workplace_Phone_Booth BUILT BY UNITA | Custom Standalone Soundproof Phone Booth

9. Phone Booths

 While it’s important to have collaborative spaces, it’s equally as important to have areas for employee privacy. An open office floorplan improves cross-team communication and reduces any feelings of isolation. However, shared spaces aren’t always a great idea. Your employees all have personal lives that may require an area for privacy. As such, consider installing phone booths. These stand-alone booths are easy to incorporate into your office space and are ideal for taking business and personal calls. Your employees will value the space, especially if they sit next to a chatty Cathy.

New year, new office? Get in touch with our Workplace team to discuss how we can deliver a better space for you and your team.

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