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Adapting Your Retail Fit-Out for the Future

With shoppers beginning to emerge from their homes and return to in-store shopping, brick and mortar stores are back! However, the traditional in-store experience has shifted dramatically from solely being a relationship between the customer and store assistant, to now a customer and the technology. So, what do we mean by this? We’re talking about the adoption and integration of technology within retail fit-outs! As many of us have seen, AR has established itself as a major player during the pandemic for products like furniture and cars. However, as people are returning to in-person shopping, many stores are incorporating technology that upgrades the physical shopping experience. So how can you adapt your fit-out to accommodate new technology that will create authentic and unique experiences? Check out some of the tech front runners below!

INSPIRED BY | Mecca Cosmetica x Mikaela Stafford for Future Beautiful

  1. Augmented and Enhanced

A homegrown company paving the technological way is none other than makeup giant, Mecca. Partnering with digital artist, Mikaela Stafford for their Future Beautiful campaign, Mecca and Stafford created custom Instagram filters that can be used in and out of their retail stores. Throughout their locations, the campaign’s artwork is on display for customers to enjoy. The main takeaway from this campaign is that Mecca and Stafford’s Instagram AR filter both enhances the customer experience and provides customers with a free + fun asset that takes the brand beyond stores- which in turn generates the brand a sense of virality.

BUILT BY UNITA | Rebel rCX Garden City, QLD

  1. Try Before You Buy

Another Australian staple adopting technology is Rebel Sport. Blurring the lines between a traditional retail store and an experiential showroom, Rebel’s latest retail fit-out upgrades the in-store experience with their new store format, known as Rebel Concept Experience (rCX). Built by Unita, Rebel Garden City became QLD’s first rCX store and has set a new standard for experiential shopping. Rebel’s rCX fit-out allows customers to try before they buy and features a basketball half-court room, as well as interactive football rooms. These rooms allow customers to try before they buy and help build buyer confidence in their purchase decisions. However, the interactive football room is a standout feature as it utilises live projections for customers to compete against which adds an element of gamification to their store experience.

INSPIRED BY | Nike Paris, France

  1. Customisation is key

The final brand that has embraced technology with open arms is Nike. Featured in their Paris flagship store, their fit-out showcases blank Nike sneakers alongside a NikeID Augmented stall that lets customers personalise their shoes. With multiple blank shoe models on display, customers can place the shoe below a projector that beams down real-time graphics and colours chosen by the customer. Having this customisable kiosk lets customers have fun designing their shoes, and further helps them decide which combinations and patterns they want to purchase.

Having a fit-out that embraces new technology that can benefit a customer’s experience is not only essential to ensuring your fit-out will last the test of time, but also ensuring that your space will create authentic and unique experiences. Themes of gamification, customisation and augmented reality are just the beginning of reshaping our retail spaces. As technology is ever-evolving, we’re excited to see what’s in store as well as being at the forefront of helping stores integrate tech into their fit-out.

Are you ready to reimagine your retail fit-out? Drop us a line today for a free consultation with one of our specialists!

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