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3 Clinic Design Concepts for the Post-COVID World

Daydreaming about a time before face masks, where queues were reserved for opening nights and hugs were given freely? While many adjust to this ‘new normal’, we’re looking towards the future of clinical design. It’s anticipated that many clinics post-COVID will need to adapt their facilities by investing in medical fit-outs, while other industries begin to adopt clinic fit-out elements. 

UNITA recently hosted a health forum with PDT Architects that explored the future of the health sector. The workshop brought together a diverse group of industry leaders and healthcare professionals to collaborate, discuss and explore ideas focused around ‘what the pandemic has taught us and how we can emerge better & stronger?

 Overwhelmingly, the recurring theme throughout the night was the concept of ‘wellness’, with long term physical and mental wellbeing the priority rather than just short-term health solutions.



Unita Health Forum 2020

Here’s our top predictions for clinic design trends for 2021!

Re-imagining Spaces

Say goodbye to waiting rooms as you’ve known them. Your patients shouldn’t have to dodge their way through a maze of coughs & sneezes. These shared spaces will be modified to incorporate appropriate seating with carefully considered physical distancing. 

Bring the Indoors Outside

It’s time to think outside the box! Incorporating open-air spaces into you clinic design and fit-out should not be overlooked. Outdoor areas allow for natural ventilation and make the perfect space for your patients to pass time while they wait for their appointment. Why not incorporate a café into your medical village or a tranquil outdoor garden?  These concepts are helpful for anxious patients as they provide ample room and offer a pleasant distraction and calming environment during often stressful times. 

The Reception Desk Will Live On!

A neglected reception space can often communicate a lack of care to waiting clients. There are many ways to update your current facilities, from a fresh colour scheme, updated flooring or upgrading to a feature stone reception desk. However, the safety of both your patients and your staff should always come first- easy to install & removable sneeze guards ensure your patients you’re taking every precaution to protect your community in a post-COVID world. 

Flexible Floor Plans

Say hello to smart layout designs. We understand that a quality clinic floor plan can help to improve your staff’s effectiveness and contribute to patient outcomes. Multipurpose rooms can be implemented to cater for future capacity surges and capital improvements. Alternative design options such as highly mobile consultation pods might also become more common. Pods can be socially distanced during pandemics and densify in normal conditions.

Implementing Innovative Technology

 Human interaction will be minimised through an increase in innovative technology. Many medical services have already adopted online booking. The next step, self-check-in services. This can be completed through a mobile app, that can also alert your patients when practitioners are ready to be seen. The advantage of having one less touchpoint is a more streamline healthcare experience. However, finding the right synergy between technology and the human factor will remain critical to your businesses success. In addition, hands-free devices such as automatic bins & doors will become standard fit-out elements. 

Improving Storage

COVID has taught us that functional storage is vital. Creative storage solutions will generate the opportunity for medical facilities to have greater control over their supply chain. While hoarding like your Aunt June isn’t encouraged, being able to cater to demand at any time is important.

The future of medical and wellness centres is experience-driven, with a focus on maintaining long term health. As times change, our team is prepared to work closely with the medical sector and build better together. We create high-quality designs and industry-leading fit-outs that are rooted in the real world. 

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