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2022 Industry Predictions

Since 2020, the way we designed and executed projects has dramatically changed due to COVID-19. As a result, trends such as prioritising hybrid working and social distancing have become important factors in projects. In addition to pandemic associated trends, we also had many aesthetic design trends like curvilinear design and more. 

With 2022 kicking off, we’re excited to see what the year has in store. With trends constantly revolving in and out of style, we’re making our predictions for 2022.





Every year industry technology gets better and better. We’re predicting that we’ll be seeing a surge in software users in 2022. Programs such as Nexvia have revolutionised the way we track, budget and plan our projects. With an intuitive UI and on-demand product support, programs like Nexvia have streamlined many of the traditional processes in the industry.




Last year, we witnessed an overhaul of blacked-out interiors, but for 2022, we’re sensing a brighter year with colours making a comeback. Regardless of the commercial sector, colour’s importance should never be overlooked as it can affect an individual’s feelings and overall experience of the space. We love places such as Pelci, who incorporated their signature blue as an accent to brighten the space and make it feel more lively, without being overwhelming.



Biophilic design

With COVID-19 continuing to alter daily routines, more people are forced to isolate themselves. As a result, people’s feelings towards interior design have changed. With more time spent at home – there is a higher appreciation for the outdoors and wanting to be surrounded by nature. Although biophilic spaces have been accepted by the design world, we feel as though it will be incorporated even more to branch the gap between the indoors and outdoors. Seen by Cingulum, this medical clinic created a space that brings the outdoors in, to create a space that feels light and airy.


BUILT BY UNITA | Dissh Sunshine Plaza, QLD

Curved furniture

Seen commonly in 2021, arches are in and it seems like they’ll be in for the long haul. Given this curvey trend is taking off, we’re predicting that curved furniture will be following in its footsteps. Designers such as Sarah Ellison take a softened approach to furniture design by eliminating harsh lines. Featured in Dissh’s Sunshine Plaza store, Ellison’s Muse couch perfectly compliments the store’s soft arches, while bringing a pop of colour with its burnt orange velvet.  


Pivoting From:


Open planned offices

As mentioned, COVID has changed our day-to-day lives, especially how we work. Open planned offices used to be the ideal setting that allowed for collaboration and effective use of floor space. Now, it’s being seen under a different light as something that can enable the spread of COVID-19. Thus, we’re predicting more working from home flexibility within offices and more people opting to use private rooms. As an example, Cove Cowork (built by Unita), incorporated a variety of spaces for its residents to choose from, including private offices, small meeting rooms and spacious desk spaces


BUILT BY UNITA | Nodo Hawthorne, QLD

Artificial lighting

Continuing with COVID’s impact on living and work situations, once the virus has subsided, we are expecting more projects to incorporate natural lighting. From being isolated indoors, natural lighting is something we are needing more than ever. The use of natural lighting is not only cost-effective, but more importantly, it is beneficial to an individuals health. A project that is a prime example of utilising natural lighting is Nodo, Hawthorne. Featuring plenty of large windows, this space allows ample natural lighting while complementing the space with soft lighting.

The ever-evolving situation of COVID-19 has proven to be a major player regarding how we design and execute projects. With 2022 bringing a clean slate, we’re excited to see what trends will come in and out of style.


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