Unita Commercial

The commercial environment is continuously evolving. Businesses in the 21st century have begun operating differently. There is a strong focus on staff as they are the driving force behind the success of companies. This being the case, management teams are looking to ensure the environments in which their teams work are motivating and inspiring.


Having worked with countless clients throughout Australia, the Unita Group operates as the bridge between your business and your unique workplace environment by constructing plans and bringing them to fruition.

The Unita Group Commercial division operates throughout Australia focusing on providing a competitive experience to all stakeholders. Quality is at the forefront of the business which is reflected through the execution of each project. From craftsmanship to quality of finishes each interior is left ready to inspire.

Workplace design has been taken to a new level with an emphasis on the interior operating as a reflection of the corporate culture and identity of the business.  Not only should an interior look great but it should also be quality.

The Unita Group’s Commercial team has a wealth of knowledge and experience that ensures you will be offered only the best experience. Teaming up with Australia’s best designers and architects, the Unita Group constructs workplaces that set the bar in the commercial space.

Conducting builds for small firms through to multinational brands, the team ensures each project follows the same process. Focused on your experience, the Unita Group Commercial team promises a seamless project experience. Utilising the Group’s custom project technology we invite you to see the live progress of your project.