Our Software

Like many company’s we are great at our core business – what we do day in and day out, that is, designing and constructing spaces whether F&B, Retail, Commercial, Health, Education or other. However, what differentiates us is three key things: Our people – some 200+ amazing, passionate, experts in their fields.  Our size, scope and reach – we can and do build anywhere, regional, rural or CBD across this great land and use our reach as leverage for our clients and our pricing; And lastly, something you wouldn’t normally hear a construction group say: Our technology.

Technology is at our Core. It is part of our DNA.

Initially created to drive efficiencies in the tendering process, Orbis Pro became THE key to building increased productivity in-house, whilst building credibility and trust quickly with clients. When the business began, across the industry the Fax Machine was key. Email was an inefficient way to communicate with Trades and Contractors and Rob decided there had to be a better way to track ALL information. So he partnered with a growing technology company to develop the Orbis Pro platform. Being able to show clients an open book, collaborative approach to estimates and detailed costings became essential to winning in those early days and provided Rob with a competitive edge. The software also created the ability to more easily control multiple projects at a very detailed level anywhere in Australia to ensure great outcomes and builds for our clients.  All of these factors combined to drive positive results for clients and began building our reputation and our business. In fact, our clients benefit from their own client portal which provides them with greater cost control, full visibility throughout any project and stronger Project Management from our tech. Now, for a select few in the construction or related industries we are pulling back the curtain so to speak and showing what’s possible, using our technology to take their businesses even further too.