Great interior design has the power to inspire. One of the most important components when planning your next venue or store rollout is the design. A design must capture a brand’s identity whilst taking the customer on a journey.


The overall experience is what will bring clients back. The initial phase of the project process, the design sets the tone for the overall outcome which is why the Unita Group partners with you from the outset.

The competitive difference between the designs from the Unita Group and that of the competition is the functionality. The Group works with Australia’s best designers to ensure your project is not only bespoke but also works. For hospitality and retail environments this is imperative. Ensuring customers have a unique experience will ensure your business starts off on the right foot.

As your needs and projects are always different in composition we ensure each venue is partnered with the best designers in that field. The Unita Group utilises both in-house designs and external designs. This is to ensure you are getting the best possible outcome for your business. Every project is different and every venue has a different identity.

The Unita Group works with brands across the commercial, hospitality, retail and health industries. Whether they are one off designs or a national rollout, the Unita Group will align you with a team that understands your business and what it brings to the marketplace. From design to construct the Unita Group aligns you with a team that is tailored to your needs.

Taking the design and transforming it into a bespoke interior is made possible through Australia’s best interior teams. Fluent in their areas of passion, the Group’s teams are spread throughout Australia so no project is too small, nor is it out of reach.