With over 10 years in the construction industry, this is where the Unita Group brings it all together. All components of the project build are reflected in the final product which is put together by the construction department..


The Unita Group has teams spread across each industry from hospitality to commercial. This means you can rest easy knowing your team is comprised of specialists in their respective fields.

The Unita Group has offices and people on the ground throughout Australia. Only the best trades and site people will work on your projects. The Group’s level of quality is well known throughout the industry. Adding to the competitive mix, we invite you to utilise our online client portals.

The Unita Group’s custom project management technology was founded on the basis that there needed to be a way to streamline the project process. Built on the understanding of your needs the online portals allow for complete transparency with you at all stages of the project build.

The custom technology designed in-house ensures the project process runs smoothly. From onsite apps to client portals, every aspect of the build is monitored and measured. For you this ensures transparency and for our construction teams this means accountability. The Unita Group prides itself on quality and allows for all site people to be acknowledged for their quality outcomes.

The final stage of the project process, the construction segment pulls together branding, design and manufacturing to create bespoke spaces. The Unita Group works with Australia’s best design firms to ensure each project aligns with your needs whilst offering a solution that is best suited to how your business utilises the space. The construction team then captures the design and transforms it into a bespoke interior.  Fluent across all industries, the build process ensures outcomes that are of the highest quality.